Badminton Betting - Beginners Guide to Learning the Basics

Badminton is not played that much in the United States, but in many countries, it’s a popular and exciting sport to follow. According to some surveys, it’s one of the most popularly participated in sports, and the fastest racket-based sport. And during its debut in the 1996 Olympics, more than 1.1 billion people watched the games making it the most-watched sport during that time. So it isn’t surprising to know that many betting sites now allow badminton betting. With its increasing participation and popularity, it’s only a matter of time before players bet on the games’ outcomes.

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In terms of rules and game mechanics, badminton resembles tennis. Its a racquet sport that’s played individually or with a partner and widely played in many Asian countries including the Philippines, China, Indonesia, and Japan. This game involves hitting the shuttlecock or a feathered projectile using the racket, to keep the shuttle airborne and not let it hit the ground if it’s in your court.

During play, a player is only allowed to hit the shuttle once and move it over the net into the court of the opposing player. A player scores if the other players commit a fault or fail to return the shuttle. In badminton, players race to reach 21 points. Each round in badminton is played using a best of three format, with the player who wins two sets of 21 points per game wins the match.

Badminton is a fast-action sport and requires complete focus and extraordinary footwork. This is one reason why the game features fast and powerful exchanges of shuttlecocks and points can be scored in seconds. This vibrant nature of the game creates an exciting badminton betting environment. But before you take part in badminton betting, you must review first the different types of bets to play in badminton sports betting.

  • Match-winner. In Badminton betting, this is the easiest way to bet since you’re putting your money on the player that will win. Here, you will place your bet before the start of the match.
  • Win in the set. This is another popular bet to play in badminton. Often, sportsbooks allow you to bet on the win set in a badminton live betting arrangement.
  • Correct score. If you’re focused on the details and the points scored by the players, then we recommend the correct score bet. Here, you can predict the score of the badminton match, whether it’s 2-0, 2-1, 1-2, or 0-2.
  • Total set points. You are betting on the total points production of the players in a match. In other forms of sports betting, this is called the over/under bet. This means that you’re predicting whether the actual score will go over or under the points set by the bookmaker.
  • Handicap betting. Just like in football sports betting, handicap badminton betting calls for the provision of a handicap on a favored team.
  • Outright. This is another popular bet in badminton where you predict the overall winner of the badminton match. In short, you’re not concern about the individual games of the players but their overall performance in the tournament.
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Popular Badminton Tournaments and Events to Follow

There are several tournaments that you can follow in case you want to take part in badminton betting. Here are some of the most prestigious tournaments which you can check out.

Olympic Badminton

The sport was officially inducted to the Olympics in 1992 where South Korea and Indonesia as the winningest teams. The traditional setup in badminton competition calls for a single-elimination where the player or team must win the best of 3 matches to move to the next round. Today, more than 50 countries or teams regularly participate in Olympics badminton.

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BWF World Championships

This is a badminton tournament that’s hosted and run by the Badminton World Federation or the BWF. This tournament was started in 1977 and held every four years.

Thomas & Uber Cup

This is a professional badminton tournament that’s organized for both men and women players. Founded in 1956, the event is played every two years. The competition features 12 teams who play for the cup.

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Badminton Betting Strategies and Tips

Badminton betting becomes more exciting and lucrative if you pay attention to some sports betting tips and strategies. As indicated in this guide, the first important requirement is to know the different types of bets to play in popular badminton betting sites. If you’re a beginner, we highly recommend that you start with common bets like match winner, over/under, or handicap. Once you’re familiar with these bet types, then that’s the time you can consider outright betting or even badminton live betting.

Before you play, make sure you also review the meaning of badminton odds and use these to your advantage. The badminton odds tell you the likelihood that an event is happening and the payout that you will receive in case you’re correct. In most betting sites in the Philippines, the odds are expressed as a decimal, such as odds of 7.5. For example, Player A to beat B 2-0 at odds 7.50. This means that for every $1 wager on the team, you get a return of $7.50.


What are the popular bets to play in badminton betting sites?

In badminton betting, you can bet on the match-winner, correct score, handicap, and outright.

🤔 What are badminton betting odds and why are these important?

Betting odds will tell you the likelihood of an event happening and the potential payout that you will receive in case your correct. Before placing your bet, always compare the odds posted by bookmakers.

🏸 How can I start betting on badminton?

If you’re ready to bet, just check our list of bookmakers that accept real money bets from Philippine players. Complete the registration and deposit funds to start betting.