Online Betting Guide - Tips for All Types of Players

So you want to place your sports bets online? If you’re one of the most enthusiastic and passionate fans of sports, then betting online can prove to be a fun and lucrative experience. In this type of online gambling for Filipinos, you don’t just follow the games and bet on outcomes. There’s also a big chance that you’ll end up with cash prizes if you made the right prediction. However, it isn’t recommended that you instantly sign up with a sportsbook that accepts real money bets from Philippine players. Just like other forms of gambling or investments, you should be ready and armed with the right set of tools and information. For real money bets, you should have access first to an online betting guide.

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With an online betting guide, you don’t just learn how to place a bet; a comprehensive guide offers you information on different types of bets available and some tips on how you can bet and play responsibly.

Online Betting Guide - Types of Bets

Online Betting Guide

In an online sports betting guide, you’ll get information on the different types of betting. For most of the sports available, there are at least five betting types for you to choose from: the Money Line, Point Spread, Totals, Futures, and Prop Bets. Let’s take a look at the descriptions of each type of bet before you learn how to place a bet online.

Money Line

Of the different types of bets, the money line is considered the easiest to understand. Here, you simply bet on who will win the match-up. There’s no need to worry about the points or margin: the main objective is to predict who will win. In sports betting, the odds of teams are represented with a minus (-) and plus (+). If a team has a plus sign, it’s projected as the underdog, thus it will offer more payouts.

Point Spread

If you’re confident about the performance of your teams, then you should learn how to place bets online using the point spread. This is similar to the money line except that you also predict the point difference between the two teams. The point spread is often played by enthusiasts who have a clear grasp of the statistics and the past performances of the teams.

As the bet name suggests, this type of bet reflects the total scores that can be collected by both teams. This betting option is popular in football and basketball betting.

Compared to the point spread and the money line bets, the futures focus on long-term bets and predictions. These are the types of sports bets that allow players to look beyond the current matches and predict what will happen down the line. For example, you can place a bet on who you think will reach the semifinals in the Australian Open or who will end up as the NBA champion for this year.

Prop bets

These are also called proposition bets which can refer to many things and different outcomes. For example, it may refer to who will win the Best Actress award in this year’s Oscars or how many times a company logo will appear in a commercial. This is the most flexible betting type and it can work for different types of sports.

Most sportsbooks will offer their own versions of online betting guides and resources which can explain the different types of bets for various sports and events.

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How to Place a Bet Online

Once you know the basics about betting odds and types of bets, then that’s the time you can place your bet. Here’s a run-through of the basic steps to take on how to place a bet online and be a winner.

  1. Granted that you have an account set-up, visit the sports betting section of the casino and choose a category (or sports).
  2. Now, select the market that you want to play.
  3. Click the ‘Odds’ button.
  4. Click your bet and ‘Bet Slip’.
  5. You will then enter the amount that you want to wager.
  6. Once you have entered the stake amount, click ‘Submit’.

These are the general steps that you should remember when learning how to place bets online. Most sportsbooks will present the Bet Slip on the right corner of the homepage and it features different buttons to help you bet with confidence. If you still have concerns and questions when it comes to betting on the site, we recommend that you read the online betting guide and other resources included on the website. Some sportsbooks even offer bet calculator and odds converter which can help you make an informed bet at all times.

Although sports betting seems complicated at first, access to an online betting guide can simplify the process. So before you play in real money, make sure you learn first the basics on how to bet online horse racing or other types of sports. As they say, knowledge is everything. And it’s true as well in betting especially if you want to learn how to bet online and make money.


Can I make bets online?

Yes, you can make bets online. You need to register with a reputable and licensed online bookmaker that accepts players from the Philippines and you are good to go.

💲 Can I make a living from online sports betting?

Some people are managing to make a living from online sports betting. However, this is a risky venture and it is recommended not to rely on betting online for covering your expenses or paying your bills.

🥇 What is the best online bookmaker for Filipinos?

It depends on one’s preferences when searching for an online bookmaker. You have to pick a site that suits your needs - the payment methods available, the betting options you have, and the bonuses the operator is offering.