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Rugby or Ruby Union is a popular team sport that originated in England in the 19th century. Its a game plated by male and female players and as of 2014, there are 2.36 million registered players. Initially, the sport was played in England and Ireland and soon spread to other countries and regions. Today, it’s also played and watched in France, Australia, Southern Africa, and Canada. This growing popularity of the team sport also extends to sports betting. You can now enjoy rugby betting in some of the best sportsbooks online. To maximize your experience, read first our coverage of rugby betting and the types of bets to play.

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About Rugby Union

Rugby Union is a high-intensity team sport that’s played with two teams, each with fifteen players. As part of the rules of the game, a team can carry, pass, or kick the ball to the end of the zone to collect points until the end of the allotted time. The team that scores the most points wins the match. A standard rugby game runs for two forty-minute halves, with a five-minute halftime. There’s a referee that manages the match with the support of two touch judges. Compared to other sports, there are no time outs in the game, except the ones called by the referee at their discretion. Since 1871, international rugby matches have been hosted. The most popular ones are the Rugby World Cup, the Six Nations Championship in Europe, and the Rugby Championships in Southern Hemisphere.

Rugby Betting - Popular Types

Just like in other sports, rugby betting offers you a wide range of wagering opportunities. Whatever your background or skills level in sports betting, you will find the right bets for your needs. Here’s a rundown of the top bets that you can play in popular rugby betting sites.

Match betting

In other sports, this type of bet is called the Moneyline. In this bet, you’ll place your money on the rugby team that you think will win. Since rugby is a high-scoring sport, it’s rare to find matches that will end up as a draw. For this reason, most rugby league betting sites don’t offer draw as part of the betting option.

ruby betting

Handicap betting

This is also called spread betting which is an important market in rugby. In handicap betting rugby, the bookmaker will assign a hypothetical advantage or disadvantage. This normally happens in a rugby match where one team is better than the other. For example, in a World Cup game, New Zealand is scheduled to play Tonga. Based on rugby odds, the NZ team is viewed as a 13.5-point favorite to win the game. So, you place your wager on Tonga with a +13.5 handicap. This means that the Tongan team starts the match with an extra 13.5 points. Now, if Tonga wins or loses with less than 13 points, your bet wins.


In the World Cup or Six Nations betting, you can also put your money on the total points scored. This is called totals, a two-way over and under the type of market.

Over/Under betting

This is a variation of the total of UFC betting where you also consider the total points identified by the bookmaker. The challenge for you is to bet whether the actual number of points will be over or under this target, hence its name. For example, the bookmaker will identify a number at 41.5. In an over/under bet, you will decide if the actual total points by both teams will go over or under this number. If you bet over and there are 45 points in all, you win your bet.

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Tips and Strategies to Keep in Mind in Rugby Betting

Before you play and place your bets, you must have a solid understanding and background on how the sport works and the different leagues and tournaments that are played. In rugby, you are treated to dozens of leagues and premierships that you can follow for your bets. And this number doesn’t include the popular World Cup and Six Nations. In rugby betting, you’ll find leagues categorized in different tiers, with the premiership as the most important. Premiership Rugby is the top league in England and hosts 12 teams in contention. Often, these premierships are sponsored by companies. For example, there’s Aviva which game way to Aviva premiership betting in 2013-14.

An understanding of the rugby betting odds is also important in ensuring your success online. Whether you’re looking at the rugby World Cup odds or the Six Nation odds, the betting can help you identify the value bets. Also, the rugby betting odds can tell you about your potential topic in case you win in your prediction. These odds are often expressed in fractions, like 10/11. In this example, your bet of $11 will win you $10.

Aside from odds, rugby World Cup betting becomes more meaningful if you pay attention to statistics, scores, and Super Rugby betting tips and predictions. Knowing the records and scores of teams can help you improve your success in NRL premiership betting or when wagering on the World Cup.


🤔 What are the bets I can play in rugby betting?

In rugby betting, you can bet on the winner of the match or the total points of the teams. You can also play over/under or handicap betting in online rugby betting.

🏉 What are the most popular leagues and tournaments I can follow to enjoy betting?

The most popular competitions in the sport are the Six Nations and World Cup. You can also take part in NRL premiership betting and other national leagues.

How can I start betting on rugby matches?

To start betting, you’ll need to register first an account with a sportsbook. Once your account has been confirmed, you can top it up and bet on your favorite matches.