A Detailed Guide on eSports Betting Online in 2024

eSports is one of the fastest-growing segments in online betting. As of 2016, around $5.5 bn has been wagered or spent on things related to the games. By the end of 2020, many industry experts see the numbers to grow to more than $12.9 bn. The surge in popularity of eSports betting can be explained in different ways.

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eSports betting

One of the biggest reasons for its wide acceptance is the popularity of the games themselves. Playing video games, for the longest time, are popular leisure activity for many teens and adults. Titles like Super Mario, Diablo, StarCraft, and Gran Turismo have dominated the consciousness of many thanks to their engaging gameplay and graphics. However, with modern video games, competitive play has been introduced which enhanced the gaming experience. There’s also the opportunity to bet on outcomes, compete with others, and earn lucrative payouts along the way.

And there’s the support of publishers and skin designers- they made sure that the video games today are ultra-realistic and offer lots of customization that allows players to enjoy and compete with confidence. All these reasons help push eSports betting to become one of the fastest-growing segments of online betting.

So what makes eSports online betting different or even similar to your traditional sports betting experience? On the surface, it’s easy to say that both games are different. Traditional sports are played by players in arenas, courts, and stadiums. eSports, on the other hand, is played on computers. ESports players use their devices to participate in matches that happen within a system. They can purchase equipment and other accessories online to improve the chances of scoring victories online.

In terms of differences, traditional sports are decided by games. eSports, on the other hand, are decided by match, thus allowing for intricate betting. Also, there are different props to bet on in eSports gambling that can be exciting for enthusiasts. You can bet on many things like the first point, first skill, killstreaks, and so on. Furthermore, eSports betting features a higher luck factor. For example, in football betting, the better and experienced team can win 100% of the time. But if you bet on eSports, there are variations due to the use of a Random Number Generator (RNG).

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They also vary in terms of resources and information available. Yes, you can follow the interviews and a few days’ worth of training camp of sports teams. However, you may not be able to check and observe the players how they practice and hone their strategies. It’s a different thing with eSports betting since many eSports players maintain their social media accounts or Twitch where they stream their games and hone their strategies. The only problem with eSports betting is access to history and long-running statistics.  eSports betting is relatively new, thus you may need to use the available tools and resources at your disposal.

Biggest eSports Title in Competitive Gaming

eSports is competitive gaming in the form of online and interactive video games. Featured below are four of the best picks in the Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre commonly featured in eSports betting online.

League of Legends

If you are an avid fan of league games, then you can find the highest level of excitement and adventure with the League of Legends game. Published by Riot Games, the game takes inspiration from Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne and Defense of the Ancients. In this video game, players take the role of a champion fully capable of battling with the enemies. The goal of the team is to destroy the Nexus home base of the opposing team. In lol esports betting, players will start weaker but they will be able to increase their strength throughout the game.

League of Legends is now one of the most-watched eSports and offers players and enthusiasts different opportunities to win big. Its publisher, Riot Games, helps boost the brand of the game in the context of eSports betting. Since 2011, the company hosted annual World Championships that help enhance the popularity of League of Legends betting and eSports betting in general. The World Championship features 16 professional esports teams who compete for the title and the prize worth $1 million. Also, the company hosts two more professional eSports betting leagues that help boost the popularity of the game and the esports industry in general.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)

Counter-Strike is published by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment offers the esports industry thrilling and action-packed gaming experience. This is a multiplayer video game of two opposing teams such as the terrorists and your team as the counter-terrorists. Players can choose which team they want to play to participate in this eSports betting.

If you play as terrorists in this game, your tasks are to plant bombs or defend hostages. If you belong to the Counter-Terrorists team, then your task is to secure the place from bombs and rescue hostages. In this game, the weapon is not limited to guns because you can swap weapons and equipment depending on the necessity. The introduction of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) changed the eSports betting landscape. Today, CS: GO is a popular offering in many sports betting sites. Just like any other competitive gaming, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive also calls for competitive strategies and serious teamwork to win. This makes CSGO live betting more exciting and unpredictable. To improve your CSGO betting odds, you need to pay attention to the composition of the team and how they work together. If you bet on eSports that involves teams, a careful analysis of teamwork is important.

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Call of Duty

If you love the fun and excitement of thrilling missions, then Call of Duty video game is best for you. Developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision, this first-person shooter video game takes the theme of the World War II combat battlefield. This online video game offers missions on the battlefield with a compass to lead the players in finding their enemies. Call of Duty allows players to use automatic fire or single shot when it comes to the firing mode. A player can carry a handgun and ten grenades as their major weapons for the entire gameplay. Also, players can ensure increased accuracy when taking a shot using weapons such as guns and knives.

Call of Duty can be played on PlayStation console platforms and in the latest release, it’s now available on mobile devices. In this game, a player should not be working alone. A player should have teamwork with AI-controlled allied soldiers so they can be as one in beating their enemies dead. You can only advance to the next mission once you have completed the previous mission.

Today, COD is a popular offering in top sports betting sites. In many sportsbooks that you can bet on eSports online, you can enjoy several tournaments that pit teams against each other. Some of the popular teams in this specific eSports gambling are Chicago Huntsmen, Atlanta Faze, Florida Mutineers, and London Ravens. These teams represent four countries in esports tournaments and leagues.

With the release of the mobile version in late 2019, its popularity reached unprecedented levels. Call of Duty now dominates eSports gambling and you can now find both local and regional events that allow real money eSports betting. In the Philippines, local esports tournaments are hosted and allow gambling on eSports. And the champion in the nationals is sent to a regional tournament with the participation of the best esports teams in South East Asia.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is another must-try eSports in the competitive gaming industry. This online video game was developed by Valve Corporation in 2011. Officially, this online video game was created for personal computers running with operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and Linux. Dota 2 is played through Steam which is the largest distribution platform for video games. Dota 2 is played by five team players and each team defends their home base. Just like other multiplayer games, the heroes’ strength can also increase throughout the game.

A team wins as soon as they have destroyed the Ancient structure within the opponent’s home base. Dota 2 is a great game to play and follow if you’re into gambling in eSports. Thanks to its popularity, you have several options on how to take part in Dota bet money games. Dota 2 players have been competing internationally in professional leagues and tournaments. Similar to other eSports, Dota 2 players take home millions of prizes and it is one of the lucrative games in the gaming industry. Some of the popular Dota 2 bet money tournaments are ESL One Birmingham, Chinese Dota 2 Professional, and OGA Dota Pit 2 Minor.

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With the recent news regarding lockdown due to a medical emergency, some organizations now host a different way of eSports betting. For example, in the Philippines, plans are afoot for the ‘lockdown’ eSports live betting and tournament.

Know the Games Before You Play

All these online video games are multiplayer so teamwork and professionalism play a vital role in winning especially during competitions. If you’re planning to take part in eSports betting, then you should understand the game. It’s also best if you know the types of bets and how the team operates. All these are critical in collecting massive payouts and in enjoying the betting experience.

Types of Bets to Play in eSports Betting

Just like in standard betting, there should be an understanding of the different kinds of eSports bets. When you sign up with a bookmaker, you’ll encounter the words ‘betting markets’ many times. At first, it may be confusing to you. However, it’s easy to understand if you just pay attention to the basics, as described below. There are four popular types of bets you can play in eSports betting sites:

  • Moneyline
  • Handicap Lines
  • Totals
  • Proposition Bets

Moneyline Betting

In eSports betting sites, it’s the most popular bet to play. Here, you’re just betting on which team wins the match. For example, in a Call of Duty Death Match, you’ll pick if Team A wins over Team B. Yes, there are eSports odds too and they decide how much money you collect if you’re right.

Handicap Lines

If there’s a team that’s heavily favored to win, then the eSports gambling sites may offer ‘handicapped bet’. instead of putting a match bet on short odds, you can place a wager on longer odds, often with 1 or 2 points for a start. In this type of eSports betting, you are betting on a selection to win with the handicap included in the computation. Say for example Team A has a (1) @ 8/13. If you place your bet on this team and it wins with a score of 3-1, it means that you won the game in a 2-1 score, the handicap included. However, if the score is 1-0 in favor of Team A, you lose (since the score will be 0-0 if the handicap is factored in).

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This is a slightly different way to place your bets in eSports gambling. If you’re passionate about the games and you’re into details, then betting on the totals is recommended. Some of the popular bets to play are total maps played, total kills, total points, and total rounds. These totals are often played in online betting Dota 2 events and Call of Duty.

Proposition or Prop Bets

In eSports betting, we call these specialty bets. And since these are special, different sports betting sites can offer different props for players. For example, in lol eSports betting, you can bet on how many kills or who get the first blood. On a Dota betting site, you can bet if the match will go over 30 minutes. Prop bets are fun to play and often best for casual players and bettors in the business.

Do You Want to Learn More?

eSports is growing and you can find different sportsbooks that offer eSports gambling. Just like in regular betting, you should understand first the games, the different types of bets, and the eSports odds. More importantly, you should also be cautious when choosing the best eSports betting site. Make sure to choose based on security, privacy, bonuses, and availability of the games you want. For these kinds of information and guides, you can refer to the resources available on our site. We can help you compare the leading eSports gambling sites. Furthermore, we can provide you with tips on how to place eSports bets confidently.

FAQs About Betting on eSports

What are the popular games I can play or follow to bet on eSports?

eSports is a thriving business and it’s the fastest-growing segment in online sports betting. The most popular eSports today are League of Legends, Call of Duty including its mobile version, Counter-Strike, and the Defense of the Ancients or Dota 2.

🤔 What are the different types of bets I can play?

If you have played regular betting, then you’ll feel comfortable navigating the different betting markets available for eSports. Whether you’re on it for lol gambling or League of Legends gambling, the most popular bets to play are Moneyline, Totals, Handicap, and Proposition Bets. You can also find specialty bets depending on your chosen sportsbook.

📈 What are betting odds and why are these important?

Before you take betting seriously, you should pay attention to betting odds. The odds are always present in sportsbooks and they tell you about the likelihood that an event will happen. Odds are also used to compute for the payout in case you win. The CSGO betting odds and the Dota 2 odds betting numbers are expressed in fraction, decimal, and American odds.

📜 How can I interpret the eSports odds?

Decimal odds are the most popular and easy to read. The given odds multiplied by your wager is the amount you get if you win. For example, the odds for Team A is 1.65 and Team B is 2.1.

If you bet $10 on Team A, your return is $16.50 (your $10 wager plus $6.5 in profit). But if you bet the same amount on Team B, you collect $21 (your $10 bet plus $11 in profit). Remember, the larger the odds, the larger your payout.