NFL betting - Here’s How to Get Started

Some may argue that American Football is on a decline, but recent studies suggest otherwise. In a study commissioned by the American Gaming Association, sports betting is alive and well among American adults. Roughly 15 percent of the US adult population plans to bet on the National Football Association (NFL), and 24 percent share that they will participate in NFL betting if it’s legal and convenient in their states. In short, betting on sports and the NFL is here to stay. And the popularity of the sport extends to other countries like the Philippines. Today, you can find dozens of sportsbooks that allow NFL betting.

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About American Football and the NFL

American Football is still the most dominant sport in North America with the National Football League or NFL is the premier professional tournament. Aside from the professional circuit, there’s also college football that powers the popularity of the game among US adults and enthusiasts from other parts of the world.

In the NFL, 32 teams regularly participate in a season and they are divided into 8 divisions. As part of their season, teams will play 16 games in the regular season, with 8 games away from home and 8 games at home. Compared to other leagues, the NFL boasts a relatively shorter league with a smaller number of teams in attendance. The season often starts early September and runs until February.

NFL online betting

But don’t let the brevity of the season stop you from fully maximizing the NFL betting experience. Yes, it’s a challenge to assess each team and their potential given the short season. But you can find several sportsbooks and casinos that can provide you with tips and betting guides that can help you improve the betting experience. Aside from insights on the NFL, the leading sportsbooks also offer you insights on collegiate football which is equally entertaining.

NFL Betting Odds

When betting on sports, one of the first things you should know is the importance of odds. The betting odds are valuable pieces of information that can help you make an informed bet. There are three popular formats of NFL odds that you can find in many sportsbooks:

Decimal odds

This is also called the European odds and the most popular format to display the NFL betting odds. This is simply the numerical representation of the potential return of wager, including the stake. For example, a bet of $100 with odds of 2.27 a net profit of $127.00.

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Fractional odds

As the term suggests, these odds used in NFL gambling are expressed as a fraction, such as 3/1. This can help you calculate the amount you will win in comparison to your stake. In fractional, the number on the left represents how much you can win, and the number on the right represents the stake.

Money Line odds

This is the default format used in many sportsbooks in the US. In the money line, the NFL betting odds start with a positive or negative sign, for example, -110 or +120. If it’s in negative, it tells you the amount you must stake to make a profit of $100. But if it is in positive, it tells you the profit you can make for a bet of $100.

NFL season betting

Understanding how the odds work can spell the difference between failure and success in NFL betting. If you can read the probabilities of an event happening and you can compare potential payouts, then it’s easier for you to place value bets and win.

NFL Betting - What are the Types of Bets to Play?

Now that you’re familiar with the odds, you’re ready to explore the different types of bets to play. Just like in other sports, American Football and the NFL offer you a wide range of bet types and NFL betting lines. Of the available bets to play, the most popular is the Point Spread.

The NFL point spreads bet is highly recommended for new punters it’s easy to play and understand. In NFL spreads, the focus is on the estimated final margin in a specific football game. As a player, you will bet on which side of the margin the game will end. For example, in a match that pits Team A and B, the first team is -6.5 and the second team at +6.5. Based on the odds alone, Team A is favored to win the match. This means that the bookmaker has determined that the final point spread will be either side of Dallas by 6.5 points. You can bet on either side of the bookmaker’s margin. So, if you think that Team A will win by more than 6.5 points, you bet on A with odds of -6.5.

Money Line Bet

Another popular way to bet in football is through the money line bet. This is simply a head to head bet where you place your money on the final result of the game. Here, there’s no need to worry about the points total or the spreads. In short, when making your Super Bowl bets, you will put your money on the team that you think will win the game.

There’s also an option to bet on Over/Under. The over-under Super Bowl betting arrangement often works for enthusiasts and those who keenly follow the league. In this type of betting, the bookmaker will identify the total number of points that the teams can collect at the end of the match. As a punter, your job is to bet whether the actual combined points of the teams will fall over or under the target set by the bookmaker.

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Other Types of NFL Bets You Can Explore

Aside from these traditional bets, NFL betting in most sportsbooks allows you to explore other types of bets. For example, you can bet on the first team to score or the player to make that point in the Super Bowl. In NFL betting, we call this as Super Bowl prop bet. When following the league, you can also bet on the division winners or the eventual winner of the Super Bowl. We call these NFL sports betting types as outright or futures betting. Also, you can place a bet on the conference champion or the individual who will be declared as the Most Valuable Player. Often, the regular and Super Bowl bets to play will depend on your chosen sportsbook.

FAQs about NFL betting

🤔 What are NFL betting odds?

Betting odds will tell you the likelihood of an event happening and the potential payout that you can collect based on your wager.

What are the different types of bets I can play in online betting Super Bowl and regular matches?

Some of the popular NFL bets to play are outright, money line, and over/under. Before placing your bets, check out the NFL betting tips available on this site that explains each type of bet.

💻 How can I start my online NFL betting experience?

If you’re interested to participate in NFL betting, simply register an account in one of the sportsbooks we list on this site. Once the registration is complete, you can now to-up your account and play.