Football Betting in the Philippines - Getting Started With the Game

Football is the most popular sport in the world right now and its popularity is driven by top teams, leagues, and the influence of top football stars. Although there’s a similar game in the US called American football, international football or soccer that’s played in other countries is still huge. In other parts of Asia like the Philippines, this game is a crowd-favorite and features a huge following. And thanks to the popularity of the game, other services like football betting has grown as well.

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In a survey published in 2013, it has been estimated that sports betting is worth up to $1 trillion a year with football betting contributing a significant amount to the industry. Just imagine the worth of the business now with an increasing number of operators and participants!

football betting

Online sports betting is here to stay and it’s expected that football betting will dominate the headlines. You can now find hundreds of sportsbooks and operators that offer betting services. As a player who’s interested to bet on sports, you must be aware of the changing nature of the football betting landscape. More importantly, you should know the basic guidelines, tips, and information about football betting to fully enjoy and benefit from the service.

Basic Introduction on How Football Betting Works

The idea behind betting on sports is simple- you make a wager that an event is going to happen. To help you fully grasp the meaning of online football betting, you need to pay attention to odds. The football betting odds can help you determine how likely an event is going to happen and the potential payout that you can collect in case you’re right.

The football betting sites are the ones who will supply the odds and you’re job is to decide if you want to bet on that market. Some of the best football betting sites will show the odds as a fraction, like 2/1 or you can also find sportsbooks that list it as a decimal, 2.00. You’re job as a bettor is to decide what you want to use. If the outcome in the La Liga betting is pegged at 2/1 and you win, you get $2 for every $1 bet.

Betting on sports like football is an exciting thing. There are hundreds of matches and markets that are available each week. It is the job of the sportsbook to list all or at least the majority of these on the site. Aside from the odds, online sportsbooks will also list the results, individual scorers, and other statistics. Once the outcome is confirmed and your wager is correct, you are paid according to the payout schedule. So if you want to participate in the Premier League betting or the Champions League betting, you should know all these things and the different types of bets you can make.

Match Bet

This is the most basic type of bet that you can make online. Here, you just predict which team will end up the winner. In most UK sportsbooks, you can bet on a Draw, Away Team or the Home Team. Keep in mind that your wager is on the 90-minute match. If it ends in a draw after that time, the Draw is assigned as the winner.

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Asian Handicap Bet

Here, your bet needs to overcome that set ‘handicap’. Here, you will notice that the participating teams have + or - on the scorelines. You have two results and if the game ends in a draw, the wagers are returned. For example, if you bet on Team A at +1, you win if the team wins in two goals. You lose the wager if the team wins using just one goal or if it ends up as a draw. This is where your research and understanding of the head-to-head match up can get into the picture. You can maximize this bet if you understand the history of the teams and you can truly predict their performance.

Half Time/Full Time

As the name suggests, you can bet on the results of the first half of the match or the second half. Again, you can wager on the Home Team, Draw, or the Away Team. The waiting time for the bet to complete is shorter at 45 minutes. This approach to football betting is recommended for the advanced fan or the enthusiast who follows the game, the trends, and statistics.

Other bets available in football betting

Aside from these popular betting types, you can also use accumulators, the European handicap, goal scorer betting, and the over/under. The majority of online sportsbooks today feature guides on the different types of bets that you can make. Even if you’re a new player or customer, you can easily get information online.

Just like other forms of real money games, you must invest in research if you plan to participate in football betting. For a start, you should pay attention to some football betting tips that are available online. These tips come in different forms, from money management to the choice of bets to play.

Also, you must be aware of the different leagues and betting markets. In the Philippines, you have the Philippines Football League betting service. Before you participate in PFL soccer betting, you should know the teams, schedules, and types of bets. Furthermore, you need to learn how to pick what’s the best football betting strategy that can work for you. Whether you’re on it for live football betting or regular betting, you must have a strategy in place.

Finally, make sure you pick the right sports betting platform. At a minimum, it should be licensed, secure, and safe. For extras, look for a site that offers a football live stream, best bonuses and offers, and wide coverage of football leagues.

FAQs about Football Betting

⚖️ Is football betting legal in the Philippines?

Yes. It is legal to bet on football in the Philippines. You can bet on football in licensed offshore online bookmakers that accept punters from the Philippines like 1xBet.

💰 Is football betting profitable?

Yes, it is possible to make a profit from football betting. You have to make a lot of research and maybe try a football betting system to have a better chance of making real money.

Is football the easiest sport to bet on?

In terms of popularity, football is the most famous game in the world. So there is a lot more info about the best teams and players so bettors can make better predictions about how a game will end. This makes it probably the easiest sport to bet on.