Spikeball Game - A Short Guide On Its History and Rules

Spikeball is a relatively new sport that takes inspiration from many net games including volleyball. It’s an exciting sport to play with four players positioned around a net. As the term suggests, players need to strike the ball and keep it in play. This game comes with unique rules too, so it’s best to review the terms, rules, and equipment before joining the action.

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What is Spikeball - Introduction

The spikeball game and its equipment were created by Jeff Knurek in 1989. However, the equipment’s popularity dipped and the game followed. In 2008, the game experienced a revival thanks to the efforts of Spikeball Inc to promote the equipment and the game. Initially, it was called roundnet thanks to the primary equipment used in the game. With the efforts of Spikeball Inc to promote its equipment, the term ‘spikeball’ has become the popular name of the sport.

The Equipment You Will Need in Spikeball

Compared to other sports, the spikeball game is fun and easy to play. To enjoy this game, you’ll need a roundnet including a trampoline-like net and a spikeball ball that measures 12 inches in circumference. This trampoline-like net is set in the middle and players position around this equipment. The balls come in different colors including blue, yellow, or black.

Also, you’ll find glow in the dark spikeball which is perfect for group recreational play or team building activities. The spikeball price for the glow in the dark option may be higher, but it’s fun and worth the cost. When playing this sport, the participants must wear comfortable clothes, similar to what volleyball players wear. This allows you to move freely when setting up or when spiking the ball.

Spikeball Rules

Although spikeball takes inspiration from volleyball, this roundnet game boasts a few unique rules. In this sport, there are two teams with two players each. At the start of the game, the players will occupy the spots around the yellow and black roundnet that’s designed like a trampoline. To begin, a player must serve the ball behind the 6-foot serving line. The goal here is to generate a ‘bad touch’ or to win an ace, which means the opposing player fails to return the ball. For the server, it’s important to pay attention to the serving line. One must not cross this line otherwise a fault is called.

During play, the participants can make up to three touches before they can strike down the net. Just like in volleyball, the idea is to keep the ball in play. Spikeball pro is played up to 21 points, and a team must win by at least two points.


Players need to keep the ball in play to prevent the other team from scoring or let the other players commit a fault to score. As mentioned, the two teams race to score 21, winning with at least two points.

There are different ways on how to score a point. For example, if you fail to serve or the ball hits the ground, the other team collects a point. Also, the opposing team gets a point if the ball bounces more than once on the net or it fails to bounce. Furthermore, points can be scored by catching or throwing the ball. Remember, the game’s primary rule to strike the ball and move it into the side of the opposing team. In informal and friendly games, the total score requirement may vary. For example, you can play a race to 11 or 19. However, in its formal format and competitions, the magic number is 21.


Just like in other sports, faults are also called out. When faults happen, you may need to repeat an action, you will lose service, or the opposing team gets the point. For this reason, interested players must review the sources of faults in the ball trampoline game.

One popular fault is on serve. If you fail to serve at least six feet away from the net twice, the other team gets the point. You can also get a fault if you cross this line. It’s also not allowed to serve straight from one’s hand. You should toss first the ball at least two inches before it can be hit. Furthermore, the rules explain that you should not block another player from getting or hitting the ball. If it happens, this round is replayed.

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Spikeball - Terms You Will Hear

There are a few important terms that you need to know to fully understand this sport. When you watch and participate in the sport, you’ll notice some familiar rules. However, this game assigns specific names for these rules. As a player or if you’re new to this, you must be aware of these terms so you can fully follow and enjoy the game. Also, knowing the common terms can help you run a transparent and objective match.

  • Near-net serve. This serve is allowed and it happens when the ball hits the server’s side with almost no bounce.
  • Rim shot. It happens when the ball directly hits the rim and not the net. If this happens, the play stops, and the other team gets the point.
  • Roll-up or pocket. This happens if the ball touches the net and rolls up into the rim. It’s a fault if it happens during a serve. But during regular play, a roll-up is allowed.

Other popular terms that you should know are Serve, Set, the Drop Shot, and Spot. To serve means to initially hit the ball and start the rally. There’s also a set which means to give the ball to another player similar in football. You will also hear the drop shot which is a light hit and the ball just falls close to the net. Finally, spot refers to space where you hit the ball.


The roundnet game is now gaining in popularity thanks to the support of Spikeball Inc, a company that sells spikeball equipment. This game is easy to play and perfect for outdoor activities, including team building, family get-togethers, and just plain competitive fun. Also, there are roundnet tournaments too. And if you’re into sports betting, you can even find an operator that accepts bets on this sport. Although this sport is relatively new, there’s a growing number of sportsbooks and betting sites that cover and accept bets for the sport.


Can I play Spikeball with two players instead of 4?

Based on the formal rules of the game, spikeball is played with two teams with two players on each side. However, it can be played with just two players instead of four depending on your needs.

Is Spikeball easy to learn?

Yes, this is one of the easiest sports to play and this doesn’t require the use of complicated and pricey equipment. If you have played volleyball, then the rules and faults in this sport are familiar to you.

What are some key skills you need in Spikeball?

If you want to be successful in the game, then you’ll need to master a few.