MMA Betting Online - Everything you Need to Know

The excitement of online betting lies in many non-traditional sports and combat sports like Mixed Martial Arts or MMA. In these high-octane and physically-grueling games, the action does not just happen on the floor; it’s also evident in the arenas and pubs where fans watch and follow. And one popular action that happens alongside the matches is online MMA betting. Although not as popular compared to its mainstream counterparts, MMA gambling is equally challenging and fun.

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mma betting

MMA simply refers to Mixed Martial Arts, and this particular sport borrows inspiration from various combat disciplines across the world. Due to the popularity of the sport in recent years, MMA authorities are constantly organizing big fights in different parts of the globe. To date, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is by far the most celebrated and widely known mixed martial arts tournament held in the US. Here, not only are titles challenged, but legends are also born inside the frightening Octagon ring.

In the following guide, we will walk you through some of the rules of MMA betting.  Here’s we’ll take a look at the basics of this sport, betting rules particularly for UFC, MMA fight odds, and the different types of bets to play.

What is MMA?

For a fighter to win a fight against their opponent in MMA, they can either grapple or strike. Unlike taekwondo, karate or Jitkun, in MMA points are not easily allocated. All tournaments must run the predefined length of time set inside the Octagon ring. A fighter wins if the other fighter surrenders. Throughout this guide, we will be focusing on UFC, which is indisputably the biggest MMA tournament.  In the championship, fighters must both dominate their opponents for belts in each weight division and defend their honor to continue being featured in UFC matches.

MMA betting - How to guide

If you’re new to MMA betting, it’s important that you also understand the rules and the different types of bets available. And to improve your MMA betting odds, it’s also important that you have access to statistics,  fighter profiles, and past performances.

When you check out an online UFC betting site, the first thing you’ll notice is the  UFC betting lines. These will list the fighters, the odds, and the schedule. You click on a line to submit it to the Bet Slip to complete a bet. The most popular bet type within most MMA betting sites is moneyline. In UFC gambling, you place a bet on either one of the two UFC competing fighters who you think will win. Other MMA betting lines require some details, for example betting on a draw. Whether you’re betting on the moneyline or other types of bets, you must pay attention to the UFC odds.

When it comes to Online MMA betting, there’s another popular betting type placed on the number of rounds. When you choose to go for this MMA gambling strategy, you will be offered a predetermined Over/Under betting line.  With this, you will predict an MMA gambling match will extend over or under a specific number of rounds. For example, a UFC betting line for the number of rounds can be set to 3.5, which gives you the option to either bet that the match will end at least in four rounds (Over) or at most in three rounds (Under).

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Other MMA Bets

The other two popular kinds of bets in MMA betting are round and method. Unlike in other bet types, here your bet simply has to factor in how and when the championship will end.  For example, you can make a bet that the fight ends in KO after four rounds.  In these MMA fight odds, you win if the match ends in your favor.

The winning method is yet another MMA betting strategy employed by fans who do not mind doing some research. This strategy can work if you want to make a specific bet, like a wager based on the fighter’s combat skills. Since players have different skills set, placing a confident wager can be challenging.

For the experienced bettors, MMA parlay or accumulators are the best bets. Also known as accumulators, these are single bets that combine individual wagers to combine the payout MMA fight odds. The best UFC betting site offers these different types of bets.

MMA Basic Rules Explained

Finally, when it comes to declaring a winner in MMA betting, players will find some rules complicated. To simplify your betting experience, here are some terms that you need to consider.

Knockout (KO) is by far the quickest and simplest way to win in MMA fights. A knockout happens when a fighter strikes their opponent so hard to a point where they are either rendered useless or incapacitated.  In a UFC betting site, this is the most popular way of grounding the bet.

There’s also technical knockout (TKO), which can happen when a referee ends a fight after concluding that a given fighter cannot continue the match.  For example, a certain fighter is either bleeding severely or has been knocked out on more than one occasion, and the referee can decide to end the match.

Betting on the results of MMA can be challenging for the first timer but it can be fun and exciting. To ensure the best online sports betting experience, we highly recommend that you compare first the available online MMA betting sites. Among many things to check, always consider the availability of competitive MMA betting odds, types of bets, quality of bonuses, and security. Once all these considered, then you can now find the right UFC betting website for your needs.


🤔 How do you bet on MMA fights?

It is pretty straight forward as in any other sport. You pick a fighter that you think will be the winner and you bet on him.

What does a draw mean in MMA?

This is a result of an MMA match which the judges determine to be evenly fought between the contenders.

🥇 What martial arts are included in MMA?

MMA is a hybrid combat sport incorporating techniques from judo, wrestling, boxing, karate, jujitsu, Muay Thai, and other disciplines.