Cash Out Bet - Guide on How to Lock Your Profit or Limit Losses

With sports betting, you don’t just follow and support your favorite teams. Bookies also provide you with a wide range of opportunities on how to play your bets. Whether you’re a beginning punter or a seasoned sports enthusiast with an appetite for big risks, there’s a bet you can play. Or if you consider yourself as a cautious punter, then there’s a specific wager recommended for you. If you belong to the latter, then a cash out bet is best. It’s a popular wager type in many sportsbooks for Philippine players where customers are given the option to lock a profit or prevent a huge loss.

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On paper, a cash-out bet may seem like a lucrative proposition for the author. But before you play this bet, make sure you review its basics and the tips you can use to improve the betting experience.

Basics of the Cash Out Bet

As the term suggests, the cash out bet allows you to settle your wager before the end of the event. Under this betting arrangement, the bookies may provide you winnings on your wager, which may be lower than the projected payout. Also, this actual payout after selecting this option will depend on how the match is progressing. There are three specific benefits that you can experience once you consider this cash-out sports betting option:

  • This bet will pay out a portion of your bet before the settlement of the game.
  • You can reduce your risk and collect some winnings if you’re concerned about the remaining time in the game, or if you think the match is not going your way.
  • You can cancel your wager just before the start of the match, and you can get a portion of your wager if you changed your mind.

In short, the cash out bet allows you to become flexible when betting on matches. This can work for punters who want to make betting decisions in real-time or for those who want to protect their bankrolls as soon as the signs are not in their favor.

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Example on How the Cash Out Bet Work

To fully understand how this wager works, let’s take a simple example. Let’s assume that you place a single bet of 10 credits on Team A to beat Team B with odds of 1.8 (based on this betting line, you’re expected to win 18 credits).

Team A scores to lead the game 1-0 which boosts your chance of winning the bet. The cash out betting sites may offer you a cash-out of ‘14’. You have the option to take the 14 (this includes your bet and a profit of 4 credits) or you can wait for the completion of the game and hope that Team A goes all out so you can collect your expected payout of 18 credits.

In the second scenario, Team B manages to score first to lead 0-1. With this development, your bet is less likely to win. So, the sports betting site may offer you cash out offer of ‘6’, meaning you can now walk away with this payout, or wait for the end of the game and worry about the chance that Team B will score again and win.

cash out bet wager

Tips and Suggestions

You can’t predict who scores next or identify the team that will win the match.  So, stay away from tips and recommendations that consistently using this betting option can help you grow your profit. Since the figures are always taken from the latest odds and with the margin factored in, it’s difficult to achieve an edge.

In short, you should not place a bet in the best cash out betting sites with the intent of cashing out. You should only use the cash-out feature as it happens, depending on the flow or shift of momentum in the game. Also, the cash-out amounts is not guaranteed. For example, in the Bet365 cash-out option, the payouts are based on live markets where prices are moving. There’s a chance that you can get more, or it can be partially successful, or not at all. Always check the rules of the sites that offer cash out when considering it as an option.


🤔 What is a cash-out bet?

This is a betting opportunity where you can settle your bets even before the completion of the match.

🏀 What are the popular markets for the cash out bet?

The markets will depend on the sportsbooks. The best cash out betting sites will accept this type of bet on football, tennis, basketball, cricket, and tennis.

How can I start playing the cash out bet?

To bet in real money, you need to sign up first for an account with a reputable sportsbook. Once the account has been confirmed, you can now use their betting apps with cash out feature to settle your bets.