Bet and Enjoy Premier League Betting With This Basic Guide

As one of the best leagues in the world, betting on the Premier League requires preparation, access to information, and the choice of the best bookmakers. We help you explore the league’s most popular betting markets and a few tips on bets and choosing the right sportsbook. Read on and find out how you can improve your Premier League betting experience.

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What is the Premier League and Why It Matters?

Also known as the English Premier League or EPL, the Premier League is the most important in the English football league system and even the world. Every year, 20 clubs play for the championship that works on a system of promotion and regulation. It’s one of the most followed leagues in terms of viewership, attendance, and even revenues.

According to estimates, the games are watched in more than 212 territories targeting more than 4.7 billion people. In terms of finances, the total revenues of all clubs exceed €2.48 billion in 2009–10. So it is no longer surprising to know that Premier League betting is now a popular service offered in many casinos and sportsbooks.

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If you sign up with one Philippines-focused bookmaker, there’s a big chance that Premiership betting is one of its markets offered. And to participate, you need to learn more about English Premier League betting and how the system works.

Premier League Betting Odds for Matches

As the most important football league in the world, the Premier League offers you several ways on how to place your bets. To fully maximize your experience, you must start with the Premier League odds. In betting markets, the odds will tell you the probability of an outcome or an event happening. So by simply looking at the EPL odds, you can check out the team that’s favored.

In Premier League betting, sportsbooks offer you dozens of bet types. However, three popular betting markets should be clear to you:

Match Result

Here, you’re just selecting the winner of the result at the end of the 90 minutes game including the added time. You can use the Premier League winner odds to determine if it’s a Home Win, an Away Win or a Draw.

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Asian Handicap

In EPL betting, this refers to a bet on the winner, with each team carrying a goal handicap.

Goal Total, Over/Under

If you’re experienced, know stats, and aware of the team form, then you can place your bets here. In this type of Premier League Betting, the sportsbook will specify first the estimated total goals for the match. Your task is to bet whether the total will go over or under this estimate.

Aside from these popular betting types, sportsbooks that cover the Premier League also offers other exciting bets. For example, you follow individual player results like English Premier League top goal scorer. Also, there are prop bets to play in football live betting which are more exciting and challenging since you need to decide in real-time.

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Betting Odds for Premier League Title

Aside from the Premier League betting odds on individual matches, you can also explore the available Premier League title odds. As the name suggests, you are placing a bet on the team that you think can win the title. These types of odds are available year-round in many sportsbooks and traditionally, the odds posted on bookies are often useful to predict the league winner. For example in the 2015-2016 season, Leicester City was tipped to win with 5001.00. At the end of the season, the team won the championship and was considered one of the biggest shocks in Premier League.

In most bookies, this type of bet is also called the Premier League outright bet since your pick is the actual winner of the event. To become successful in Premier League outright betting, you should know the field, the players, and the statistics.

In short, your success in your league bet eventually depends on several factors. More than an understanding of the betting odds and bet types, you should also know the team’s background and form. Also, take advantage of the available Premier League betting offers like boosted odds and free bets. These promotions can help improve your chances when betting on the Premier League in real money.


What is the Premier League and what matches are covered?

It’s also called the English Premier League (EPL) and considered the most popular and lucrative league in the world. Every year, it hosts football matches that involve 20 popular clubs.

🤔 What are the types of bets I can play when betting on the Premier League?

As the most popular league, the EPL also offers different types of betting markets for all players. Of these bets, the most popular the match bet, the Asian Handicap, and the Over/Under.

What are football betting odds?

Betting odds are helpful information in betting since they tell you the probability of an event or outcome happening. Also, the football odds can explain to you the estimated payout based on the wager in case you’re correct in your football projection.