Bundesliga Betting Guide for Beginners

Betting on the Bundesliga can be profitable provided you know how this elite football league works and the different teams in the competition. Whether you’re betting using your preferred wager type or you want to follow Bayern Munich continue its dominance, Bundesliga betting offers you a world of opportunities. But before you bet, make sure you understand how it works and types of bets to play. In this guide, we offer you a brief introduction to the Bundesliga, the types of bets to play, and tips on how to boost your chances.

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About Bundesliga

Bundesliga is the premier professional football league in Germany and one of the most popular in Europe. Its season starts early in August and runs through late May, with a break of six weeks. With an almost year-round schedule, Bundesliga provides punters with plenty of betting opportunities. Currently, 18 teams are participating in the league, and every team is required to have a license to take part in the draw.

Of the different teams in the competition, Bayern Munich is the most successful. They have won the tournament 29 times and they are always among the favorites in the league’s football betting odds market. Although they are considered one of the best teams, it doesn’t mean that you should always put your money on the team. As part of responsible and informed Bundesliga betting experience, its best to explore the other teams and other types of bets to play.

german bundesliga

  Bundesliga Odds and Betting Markets

If you’re passionate about football, then you know that Bundesliga is an elite league with top teams in participation. With highly skilled players and competitive clubs, you are treated to entertaining matches and Bundesliga betting experience weekly. So, when you sign up in one of the registered bookies for Philippine betting fans, you can find betting markets for individual matches or even the outright markets.

When it comes to Bundesliga betting, you can explore different types of bets. But first, a few words about betting odds. To be successful in betting on the Bundesliga you should know first how Bundesliga odds work. The odds, often displayed in decimals (2.00) or as fractional (2/1) will tell you the likelihood that an event is happening and your potential payout. So, if you know how to read and compare Bundesliga betting odds, there’s a big chance that you can win or collect bigger payouts.

Here’s a look at the most popular Bundesliga betting markets you can play.

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Match Result

When you bet on Bundesliga, the most popular bet type to play online is the match result. With this bet, you simply pick the result of the match, whether it’s a Home Win, a Draw or Away Win at the end of 90 minutes including the added time.

Asian Handicap

This is another popular way to enjoy Bundesliga betting where each competing football team carries a goal handicap.

Goal Total or Over/Under

In this type of bet, the sportsbook will set a target total number of goals at the end of the match. As a punter, you will put your money on whether the total will go over or under this number.

If you’re confident with your appreciation of the league and the competing teams, then you can play the outright market. In this betting market, you’ll pick the team that will win the tournament at the end of the season.

bundesliga betting online

Bundesliga Betting On Individual Players

Aside from your bets on teams, the popular sportsbooks today allow you to bet on individual football players. Of the available betting markets in this segment, the most popular is the Bundesliga top goalscorer betting market. You can place a bet on the best goalscorer for the match or the tournament.

With a colorful betting market, you can surely find the best wager to play online. Just like in other sports, it always recommended to focus on value bets, read and compare the odds, and check for sportsbook bonuses before placing your Bundesliga bets. You can improve your odds of winning a bet if you have more information at your disposal.

FAQs about Bundesliga Betting

What are the most popular Bundesliga bets that I can play if I’m a beginner?

Of the different types of bets available, the most popular is the match result. In this option, you will pick one of three outcomes- Home, Away, or a Draw.

🤔 What are Bundesliga betting odds and why are these important?

The betting odds will tell you the likelihood that an event or outcome will happen. It will also tell you the expected payout based on the listed odds and your wager.

How can I start betting on the Bundesliga?

You need to register a sportsbook account for you to follow and bet on Bundesliga matches. For your security, you can pick a site from our list of Bundesliga betting sites.