Cricket Betting - Place Your Cricket Bet Like a Pro

Being one of the most popular sports, cricket offers serious betting opportunities. There are different cricket tournaments like ICC Cricket World Cup and The Ashes Series and colorful players to watch and follow. But just like in the other forms of sports betting, passion for the game is not enough. To be successful in cricket betting, it’s best that you have a solid understanding of terms like cricket odds, betting rates, and bet types.

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In this brief guide on betting, we take a look at the history of the game. We’ll also cover the major cricket tournaments to follow and the types of bets to play in the leading cricket betting sites. If you’re planning to play and bet on this sport, check out the following guide.

A Look at the Cricketing History

With a history dating back to the 17th century, cricket is one of the oldest mainstream sports. It is also the second most popular sport in the world, at least in terms of viewership. Historically cricket is known as the game of the gentlemen. But with the popularity of several T20 leagues and private-owned clubs, cricket is no longer the game of gentleman. Instead, the game has become aggressive and unpredictable, which helps expands its popularity among players and enthusiasts.

Today, cricket is a multi-billion dollar industry, with the  International Cricket Council as the governing body. The top teams, according to the current global rankings, are England, Australia, India, South Africa, and Pakistan.

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Major Cricket Betting Events

The cricket season runs throughout the year with teams visiting other teams for a limited match series.  But the biggest event in the cricket world is the  ICC Cricket World Cup which is held every four years. Other popular events that are followed by punters and sports fans are the ICC T20 World Cup, Women T20 World Cup ICC Champions Trophy, Asia Cup and Ashes Series. Indian Premier League or IPL is considered to be the most significant event of the year among Indian fans, and it is also the most wagered cricketing event.

Cricket Betting Types

Cricket offers punters with a wide range of cricket betting opportunities. Described below are some of the popular bets you can play at popular sportsbooks that accept real money bets from Philippines players.

Match Bets

This is the most popular bet to play is match bet where you bet on the winner of the match.

Toss Bets

In this type, the objective is to predict the team that will win the coin toss before the match. The Toss Bet can also be combined with the Toss Combination Bets. Here the punters are also allowed to predict if the toss-winning team will choose to bat or bowl first. Toss Combination Betting odds offer better payouts due to the complexity of the prediction.

Draw No Bets

About 59% of the test matches end up as a draw, mainly due to weather conditions. To compensate for the possibility of a drawn game, Draw No Bets are allowed. The objective of Draw No Bets is to predict which team will win the game since as the term suggests, a draw is not an option.

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Series Winner

Three or five-match series is a common match arrangement in cricket. For example, in the Ashes series, England and Australia compete in best of five matches to decide the outright winner. The objective in Series Winner bet type is to predict the outright winner. Here, punters predict the individual scores of the teams in the first and second innings.

Over and Under

The aim here is to forecast if the total score of the match will be over or under a given number.

Odd or Even

Here the betters will have to foretell whether the runs scored by a team will be an odd or even number.

Aside from these popular cricket betting types, sportsbooks also allow you to place an outright bet or bets on the player’s performance. For example, when betting on the World Cup, you can place an outright bet. This means that you’re concerned about the overall result of the Cup. For the individual performance, punters can also bet on the player with the most goal in the match or the ‘Man of the Match’.

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Tips to Improve Your Chances in Cricket Betting

Just like in other sports, access to information and following a few tips can go a long way in improving your cricket betting experience. One of the first things you should consider is the quality of betting odds. Cricket World Cup betting odds or odds for smaller tournaments provide you with ways to make informed odds. For example, it tells you the likelihood that a team will win. Also, it provides you information about the potential payout based on your wager. So, the challenge for punters is choosing the best cricket betting odds. This is where the comparison of cricket bookies come in handy.

Before you play cricket satta, compare the odds of at least three online cricket betting sites choose which offers the best payout potential. You can use our bookies reviews to find the right site. Also, read about the teams, their form and records, and individual performance before you place your bets. Access to information is critical during the busy Ashes betting season or when enjoying live cricket betting.


🏏 How can I start betting on cricket?

You need to register first an account with a sportsbook before you can place your bet. Use our list of recommended bookies to find the best site.

🤔 What are the types of bets I can play in cricket betting?

Some of the popular bets you can play online are match bet, over/under, handicap, and toss bets.

What are cricket betting odds?

Odds are often displayed as fractional (2/1) or decimal (2.00) and can tell you the likelihood that an event is happening.