How to Bet on Football In The Philippines

Did you know that football is the most popular sport in the world right now? Also called soccer in other parts of the world, the game of football dominates not just the sports, but also the culture of dozens of countries. According to a Nielsen survey, more than 40% of people at least 16 years of age are interested in pursuing it as a past time or competitive sport. The popularity of football also extends to sports betting where it dominates the betting markets. Many enthusiasts are now learning how to bet on football due to a growing number of sportsbooks that offer football betting markets.

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In a 2013 survey, the sports betting industry is worth more than $1 trillion with wagers on football contributing a huge share in the amount. In short, there’s a huge business in betting and it’s never too late to learn how to bet on football. If you’re a beginner, then this short yet concise guide can help you make sense of the betting markets and how betting on football works.

How To Bet On Football

In sports betting, you need to pay attention to the odds. The betting odds will tell you that an event or an outcome is going to happen. Also, the odds will tell you something about the potential payouts that you can collect from a Philippines sportsbook in case you’re correct. When learning about how football betting works, you’ find at least three formats for odds: the fractional, money line, and decimals. In most sportsbooks that accept bets from Philippine punters, the most popular format is the decimal. For example, a sportsbook may list the odds that Team A will win is 2.00. If these are your odds and you win, you can get $2 for every $1 wager.

how to bet on football guide

What are the Types of Football Bets You Can Play?

Aside from the odds, you also need to pay attention to the different types of football bets if you want to learn how to bet on football. Here’s a look at the most popular bets to play if you’re a  beginner and learning the ropes on how to bet on soccer.

Match Bet

For beginners learning how to bet on football, the match bet is the easiest to follow. Here, you will only pick the winner of the match or a draw. You can pick the Home Team, the Away Team, or a Draw. Keep in mind that your wager is on a 90-minute match so if it ends with a score of 0-0 or 1-1 after 90 minutes, the winning bet is a draw. In most sportsbooks, your match bets do not count in penalties and extra time.

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Asian Handicap

In this type of bet, your wager has a handicap that it should cover. When learning how to bet on football and win, you will notice that each team will have a + or a - on their scoreline. For this type of bet, there are only two outcomes and if the match ends up in a tie, then you get back your wager. Since there’s a big chance that a football match will end in a draw, this is considered as a popular bet to play. For example, if you bet on the Spanish national team at +1, you will only win if the team manages to win by 2 goals.

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Half Time and Full Time

As the term suggests, you will bet on the score at the end of the first half or the second half. Since you will wager on the scores before the end of the match, this type of bet works for the experienced punter. To learn how to bet on football games under this wager, you need a complete appreciation of the statistics and the teams’ form during a specific match.

You can also play other types of bets like accumulators, goal scorers, and over/under betting. In short, this game provides you with a diverse and colorful betting market that you can play based on your bankroll or risk appetite. You’ll need to pay attention to the right bets to play if you’re planning to learn how to win big on football bets.

FAQs About How to Bet on Football

How can I start betting on football?

If you’re ready to play and bet on sports, simply register an account with one of our recommended sportsbooks on this site?

💰 Can I win real money if I place bets on sports?

Yes. In licensed bookmakers that accept bets from Philippine players, you are given a chance to bet real money on outcomes and if you win, you can collect your payouts based on your wager and odds.

🤔 Where can I learn more tips on how to bet on football?

If you’re a beginner, you can explore our website on resources and tips on how to bet on football. Most of these betting sites also feature guides and tips on how to win money betting on football.