How to Bet on Sabong - Betting Rules Made Easy

Cockfighting or sabong is a popular sport in the Philippines. It’s one with a long and distinguished history and according to historians, it even predates the arrival of the colonizers. The mechanics and the objective of sabong are simple. Two gamecocks are pitted against each other, and they are motivated in advance to fight until the finish. For some, cockfighting is a bloody and brutal sport. For others, this sport is exciting with many learning how to bet on sabong to fully enjoy the experience.

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Sabong - A Highly Regulated Sports Betting Activity

As a sport, sabong has been the subject of many debates and regulations. The most important law that’s passed that covers sabong is Presidential Decree No. 449 or the Cockfighting law of 1974. Under this law signed by then-President Ferdinand Marcos, sports betting should be regulated and approved by the government. In the Philippines, sabong betting is popular and it’s practiced in different parts of the country, particularly in the countryside. During special occasions and festivities, sabong is hosted as approved by the local government units. Also, the country regularly hosts the World Slasher Cup, marketed as the ‘Olympics of cockfighting’. With the popularity of these regulated events, it’s not surprising why many still take part in sabong betting. If you’re a beginner or simply want to refresh your knowledge, here’s a short guide on how to bet on sabong.

how to bet on sabong online

How To Bet on Sabong

You don’t need to master the complicated sabong betting terms to fully enjoy this sport. Compared to other sports, there’s no complicated over and under or prop bets that you should worry about. When learning how to bet on sabong, the first thing that you should know is that there are two roosters in the middle. One is called the ‘llamado’ which is the crowd favorite, the rooster that’s tipped to win perhaps due to its form or breed. The other is called the ‘dejado’ or the underdog in the match whose chance of winning is lower. Just like in regular sports betting, putting your money on the “llamado” will give you more chances of winning the bet. However, the payout is much lower. So, if you’re looking for some risk but with better payouts, go with “dejado”.

Your payout under the sabong betting system eventually depends on the odds. The odds in sabong starts with “sampu siyam” or ten percent, and it can move to “walo” or dyes which means twenty percent, then “anim” for thirty percent, and it can go all the way to “tress” or fifty percent. There are instances when the odds for the rooster can go “doblado” or 100 percent.

how to bet on sabong guide

Learn How to Read the Hand Signals

If you’re in a physical cockpit arena, the betting is facilitated through the use of calls and hand signals. It takes a lot of practice and familiarity to understand these signals. Regions have different rules on betting, and these are not codified. So, if you’re interested to learn how to bet on sabong, you should also study the tradition of using these hand signals to complete a bet.

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Sabong Online Betting - Easier Way to Bet

For a more convenient way to learn how to bet on sabong, then the regulated sabong online betting services are recommended. In sabong betting online, you don’t need to worry about the complicated hand signals that are often used during fights. Also, there’s no need to worry about the shout of the crowds or the complicated odds. When you participate in regulated sabong online betting in the Philippines, betting is easier and more convenient. The challenge now for you is finding an approved and regulated platform that allows you to bet on cockfighting online legally and conveniently.


🤔 How to bet on sabong in the Philippines?

Sabong betting is a popular activity in the country and you can easily find fights in many towns and cities. In sabong, you will put your money on the rooster that you think will win the fight.

🐓 What does “llamado” and “dejado” mean in sabong betting?

In this sport, two roosters will fight in a game. The “llamado” is the favored one while the “dejado” is given a lower chance of winning in the fight.

💰 How much can I win in sabong matches?

Your payout in a specific sabong game depends on several factors including the amount of wager and the prevailing odds. If you’re betting in a cockpit arena that’s popular in the countryside, you also need to pay a ‘plasada’ or an arena fee.