Dash - A Quick and Easy Payment Option for Punters

Dash is a cryptocurrency launched in January 2014. Previously known as Xcoin or Darkcoin, this payment method is one of the fastest, cheapest and user-friendly digital currency used online. Just like other digital currencies, it’s operated using a peer-to-peer system with two parts: the master nodes and the miners of coins. Masternodes help improve network security and act as a special server essential for the crypto network to function.  This dash crypto shares a few similarities with other digital currencies. For a start, it’s digital cash that you can spend anytime, anywhere. You can use it to send or receive payment to other cryptocurrency accounts. Also, it’s an open protocol which means it’s protected from unwanted intrusion or intervention. You can count on Dash for safe, private, and secure transactions.

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However, it also boasts some differences with other leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. As mentioned, the platform boasts master nodes. It’s a feature that helps add incentives on the platform, allowing users to benefit if they secure the network. Also, it adds helpful features like the InstaSend and PrivateSend which enhances the payment experience. For these reasons, this is now a popular payment alternative online. You can now find popular Dash betting sites that don’t just allow you to bet on sports but also help secure all transactions.

Dash - How to Use this Cryptocurrency

Just like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Dash can also be used for sports betting. You can find several casinos and sportsbooks that support this cryptocurrency as one of their preferred currencies. To enjoy the services, make sure you check first if the platform supports this digital currency. If not displayed on the homepage, you need to check it out with Support.

Buy Coins

If you’re already a customer of the sportsbook, then it’s easier to deposit and use the digital currencies. Assuming that you have an e-wallet, the first thing that you need to do is to buy these coins. When you check its official site, you’ll find several options on how to fund your wallet. You can deposit some of the popular exchanges where you can buy Dash using your preferred currencies. Coinbase and HitBTC are two popular exchanges that facilitate these transactions. When you buy these coins, take note of the prevailing exchange rates. Most transactions are completed in less than 30 minutes.

If you own other cryptocurrencies, these exchanges can also help you use Dash. You can swap Dash to BTC or BTC to this digital coin. With these exchanges, you can conveniently fund your wallet at any time. These sites feature calculators that instantly calculate all your transactions.

Use Your Wallet

To transact using this cryptocurrency, first, you need to sign in to your Dash Wallet using a private key. Then, you can choose from PrivateSend or InstantSend options. These two are different when it comes to privacy and convenience. If you choose PrivateSend, transactions are untraceable which adds more privacy to your transactions. On the other hand, InstantSend requires extra cost compared to the usual transactions. If you wish to send or receive money instantly, then this option is best for you.

Online casinos and sportsbooks are now using this currency for payments. Some of the casinos that support this are FortuneJack Casino, 1xBit Casino, and 22Bet Casino. Simply navigate to its ‘Cashier’ section and choose this payment option from the drop-down menu. Just follow the steps indicated on the page to complete your deposit or withdrawal. The processing times and fees will vary depending on your chosen website. In most cases, all cryptocurrency-related transactions are completed within 24 hours.

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Advantages of Dash for Sportsbook Payments

This crypto offers a lot of advantages to online players in terms of usability and security. If you are a type of player who wants instant deposits and withdrawals, this cryptocurrency is a highly recommended option. You need not wait for over a week to get your money. In many sportsbooks, deposits are completed in real-time and withdrawals are processed within the day. Compared to other cryptocurrencies, Dash offers the fastest transactions online. All your transactions are secure and they are visible to the network in less than 2 seconds.

Also, Dash delivers in terms of security and near anonymity. Sensitive financial information is not required, which keeps the clients protected from potential identity theft and internet fraud. The platform offers the PrivateSend option, a service that allows you to break your coins into smaller currencies and mix them up to ‘obscure’ the final transactions.  In short, this service allows completely private transactions that are free from checks or intrusions.

If this digital currency is part of the payment options, make it a point to use it. Its technology takes the stress away from online casino transactions. It offers a safe, secure, and convenient way of funding your sportsbook account without using cash. As gambling is in continued search for faster and cheaper ways to bet, this option will surely meet every player’s expectation in terms of efficiency, speed, and security.


🔑 Is Dash safe?

Yes. Any exciting cryptocurrency is safe due to the blockchain technology that sits behind.

🤔 Are there fees on Dash transactions in online casinos?

Most of the time transactions are free. Even if you stumble upon an online casino with fees upon Dash, it shouldn’t cross more than $0.80.

🎰 Which is the top online casino to use Dash at?

We recommend you to visit FortuneJack.  You will enjoy your time there for sure.