Moneyline Bet - Here’s How to Play this Wager

If you’re a beginning punter, you must know the popular types of bets. The passion for the game is not enough to become successful in sports betting. Understanding the game, crunching the numbers, and knowing what bets to play is equally important. One common bet to play in almost all types of sports is the money line bet. Many individuals make the Moneyline bet even without even knowing it. Even non-punters make a money line bet in a fun prediction game with friends or in assessing the potential outcome of a match.

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In Moneyline meaning, you are simply choosing the player or the team to win the match. If you choose the winning side, the bookmaker will provide you a payout based on your wager and prevailing odds. Thanks to its easy mechanics, this type of wager are the most popular and preferred by many punters.

How Money line Bets Work

If you’re looking for an easy way to bet, then wagering on the money line bet is recommended. There’s no need to worry about the point spread or whether the score will go over a specific number. Although the placement of the wager is easy, understanding how the payout works can be confusing for beginning punters. Under the money line meaning, each side of the money line bet wager pays out differently which can be an issue for some.

Let’s take an example of an NBA Moneyline bet that you may encounter online: LA Lakers -140 and Houston Rockets +150. In this type of betting line, you will notice that the teams or players will have a minus (-) sign and a positive (+) sign. The favorite team that’s expected to win is listed with the minus sign. The underdog team, on the other hand, will be displayed with a positive sign. The signs will tell you how either side of the bet will pay. In the basketball money line, the minus side will pay less than the original wager while the plus side will offer a bigger payout than the original wager.

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Moneyline Bets Are Used in Popular Sports

Aside from the popularity of money line bet basketball wagers, the money line bet also works in other exciting sports like ice hockey and football. This bet is particularly used in American Football and provides punters with an easy way to bet real money. Let’s take a look at a hypothetical example of an NFL Moneyline wager: Arizona Cardinals +140 and Baltimore Ravens -150. In this football matchup, the Ravens are the favorites to win the match. For you to win $100, you need to wager $150. In short, the money line bet will not just tell you the team or player that will win but also the payout that you can expect.

money line bet philippines

A Few Tips to Remember When Playing Money Line in Betting

Although to bet money online is easy, it still pays to review a few tips and strategies to improve your chances. One important tip that you shouldn’t ignore is line shopping or the comparison of the betting odds published by sportsbooks. Sports betting sites often tweak their money line bet odds to create the most competitive profits. It’s impossible to find several betting sites that carry the same odds. So, you should always compare the odds of at least three bookies before submitting your bet.

In money line sports betting, putting your money on the underdogs can provide you with bigger payouts. Keep in mind that upsets can happen in basketball or any other sports, so this approach can work. If you’re making a bet on the underdog, just make sure that you conduct research and back your selection on sound information including past scores and performances. Finally, don’t forget to choose the right sportsbook that can provide you with the best promotions and bonuses. In some friendly platforms, you can earn free bets that allow you to play the money line bet risk-free.


🤔 What makes the money line bet different from other popular types of bets?

As part of the money line bet, you will place your wager on the team or player that you think will win the match.

Is there a difference between the point spread and Moneyline?

Yes, they are two different types of bets to play in sports betting. The main difference between the two is how the team wins or loses the game. In Moneyline explained, you’re choosing the winner of the match and your selection must be correct. For point spread, your selection must win by a certain number of points, or they should not lose by a certain number of points.

How can I start to enjoy and play the money line sports betting?

You need to register first an account with a licensed sportsbook before you can place your money line bet. Check our list of recommended bookies to start betting online.