CSGO betting - Tips for Winning like a Pro

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CSGO is an easy to understand PC game but hands-down one of the most hype gameplay due to its nature. It is one of the best, if not the best multiplayer first-person shooter or FPS online game created by Valve Corporation. Valve is the same company that developed DotA2.

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About the Game

It is one of the games from the Counter-Strike series beginning 19 years ago. Oh man, I still remember playing Counter-Strike in the café with friends after church or after school hours. It was quite big in the Philippines when it was first released. It can be said the same with CSGO Philippines as the community grows.


CSGO matches start with two teams: the Terrorist and the Counter-Terrorists. The Terrorist team wins whenever they eliminate all opposing team members or successfully plant a bomb and let it explode, while Counter-Terrorist will emerge victorious whenever they eliminated all Terrorist members and/or triumphantly defused the bomb. Money is earned at the end of each round based on the player’s individual performance, which they can use to buy next round items and ammunition.

When a team wins a round, they would usually earn more in-game money than the losing team. Killing/harming teammates or even going AFK (away from the keyboard, which usually means not responding to the game) can cause you to receive penalties and even voted to be kicked out from the game.

Remember the time when you try to knife your teammate? I know it is funny but do not try it during matches, I am serious. It can get you kicked or even banned from the game.

In-game items are divided into five (5) categories. It is almost the same with items from the first Counter-Strike with just a little difference. Guns are classified as Pistols, Sub-Machine Gun or SMG’s, Heavy Guns(or the Rambo Gun, which Philippine players fondly call it), Rifles, and lastly the utility items like grenades, Kevlar and defusing tool. These in-game items are purely cosmetics skins. These skins help the Counter-Strike community to have its own virtual economy that leads to betting, gambling and trading websites, and forums.

csgo betting

CSGO in Philippine Archipelago

The Philippine community is a big and still growing fan base. In times where Royal Rumble, Battle Royale games like PUBG are thriving, the game still catches up with its exciting patch and updates. New in-game skins are being released and not only traded but also being used in betting every minute.

And who does not want to play the game?

CSGO price in PH is zero pesos, nada as in free to play. Players can get prime status upgrade at only 790 pesos; yes, you heard it right, 790 friggin pesos only. CSGO players with prime status are calibrated with other prime status players and can receive weapon cases, item drops, and Prime-exclusive souvenir items.

If you go to Reddit (a popular discussion forum), you will also find many posts regarding the game. There is a dedicated sub-Reddit for Counter-Strike: Global offensive named r/csgo. CSGO Reddit is a community that is dedicated to the game in which you can discuss anything under the sun related to the game such as gameplay videos, memes, and other related contents. There is a lot of discussion regarding live games, betting guidelines, which team to bet and CSGO live scores.

Then there is HLTV CSGO. It is the leading site on the web. It features statistics, CSGO live score, news and so many more. You can also see the game odds for a CSGO match. The page is quite useful when looking for Over-Under of matches from a tournament. Updates regarding teams can also be found in HLTV. From player movements, player statistics and player rumors, it is a one-stop for your CSGO game information cravings. CS GO Philippine players often visit the site as their source of reference to the game and participate in the forums from the said site.

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CSGO Betting in the Philippines

Just as in any other sport, CSGO matches offer you the opportunity to bet on the results of the professional games.

Much like sabong betting, CSGO has a low risk and high reward outcome. Some sites offer betting using CSGO skins and some offer betting using real money. These sites also offer analysis to assist you in making choices and they show past performances of the team and analytics to help you determine where or who to bet on.

Even Reddit offers a forum for CSGO betting with sub-reddit r/csgobetting. It offers monthly, weekly and daily discussion of betting on CSGO via Reddit. It has over 50,000 subscribers as of the writing of this article. And it is still growing.

Philippine players can also get betting advice from other players via Discord servers. There about 5,000 players and spectators alike that are doing it just for fun. These people are called “dehadista” in Filipino and they mostly exchange ideas. They also like to bet on the weaker team in hope of an upset, so their CSGO bet will earn them more money, which is one of the attributes of the Filipino bettors.

There are not many physical betting stations in the Philippines. Mostly Filipino’s do online betting as they can do it the comfort of their own home as it offers convenience. It can also let them choose their schedule and watch comfortably while placing their bets.

csgo betting

Some players prefer to bet money, instead of betting skins. When betting real money, you can use different payment methods, from the most common ones like Skrill or Visa/Mastercard to Bitcoin. These payment methods are tried and tested while giving you peace of mind that your account and bank information are secured.

CSGO Rankings and Teams, Philippine and International

Based on HLTV.org data from November 18 of this year, Bren eSports dominates the CSGO Philippine scene. Led by Team Captain Chris Martir (IGN: .pro), this Filipino squad dominate teams like ravaging typhoon. Their style of play outplays their CSGO rank, as they just need more game experience and international exposure.

Bren might be first in the Philippines, however, they are only placed 83rd in the world ranking. The bragging rights of being the best team in the world belongs to Astralis, a Danish team who since the release of the game, dominates the game. Astralis player Nicolai Reedtz (IGN: device) plays as if he was born to play CSGO.

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This prodigy is still 24 years old and still has a lot of room for improvement. Don’t believe me? Look for device’s highlights on Youtube. Almost every CSGO highlight includes his out of this world plays. And this team is not a one-man show as Xyp9x, dupreeh, gla1ve and Magisk deliver when it matters.

Bettors usually pick Astralis to win its match as they usually outshine every opponent. Nothing beats a safe pick, especially when it includes your money.

But it is not always sure-fire, as teams such as Team Liquid, Team Evil Geniuses, Fnatic and NaVi (which has also teams for other eSports) are no pushovers. They always give Astralis the challenge for supremacy. Given the teams’ competitiveness, they sometimes even take a series or a tournament from the top favorites Astralis.


The Filipino bettors who like uncertainty, usually bet on games where these said teams’ play as games can go either way. They are already winners because of the quality and hype these games bring.

CSGO Streams

While watching CSGO live games, you will feel a little bit nostalgic. Aside from the usual sounds of a gun firing, grenade exploding, there are also these timeless words like “the bomb has been planted”, “go, go, go”. I bet some of you still play Counter-Strike from your offices during your free time - hopefully - playing the game with your friends, bunny hopping from point A to point C. In addition, who can forget camping? Just sitting the whole game until someone passes you by and in Tagalog word, “Bulaga” just shoot them in the face.

These words also apply the same to matches. Watching CSGO live can bring back memories. There are many streams from Twitch, Discord, and other live streaming sites that let you watch 24/7. The new thing that we usually enjoy the most is the commentary from CSGO analysts. These commentators give life and hype to the games based on what is happening.

Another cool thing about watching a CSGO stream is the audience reaction. While playing, whenever you kill someone from the enemy’s team, you will be all hyped up. What more can you expect from 10,000 or more people in the arena. In the match between Astralis and NaVi when one play was so good, the crowd roared as if they are all hungry and have not eaten for 10 days, then suddenly there is pork or lamb in the middle of the stage.

Betting sites usually has a link that can redirect you to streaming sites where you can watch for free while you are monitoring the Overs-Unders of the match. These streams might also flash certain information that can be helpful to bettors so it is important to choose which stream you are watching.


What does CSGO stand for?

CSGO stands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is one of a kind FPS game for all ages. It is a free-to-play game, but also offers premium membership.

💽 How much space do I need on my hard drive to install CSGO?

The minimum requirement is 15GB to successfully install the game. It is also recommended to leave an additional 5GB for further updates, so you need at least 20GB in total.

🤔 Cheating in the game?

Valve Anti-Cheat system or VAC is an automated system that can detect cheats and irregularities in the game. Violators may be banned from the game for life.

What are the in-game Graffitis?

Graffitis are part of the game cosmetics. It cannot be bought while in-game but can be used in-game. Mostly it is given free after the game or when you are opening a chest.

💰 Who are the richest gamers?

Based on an e-sports earning site, the richest gamer is Xyp9x with total earnings of $1,623,591.80. Not far behind are his teammates dupreeh and device with total earnings of $1,618,722.74 and $1,584,345.97, respectively.