Cycling Betting - Basics You Should Know

Cycling or bicycling is no longer just leisure and recreational activity. It’s a popular sport too with several racing competitions in different parts of the world. At one point in its history, almost all major cities in the United States have a velodrome or two for hosting racing events. Cycling competitions are still popular and these are made more exciting thanks to cycling betting that’s run by top sportsbooks.

Top Bookmakers for Cycling Betting 2024

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The most famous of all races is still Tour de France, the competition that produced Lance Armstrong, Eddy Merckx, and Bernard Hinault. Today, cycling is considered a premier sport that’s covered by top bookmakers. Before you place your bets, check our brief guide below.

Cycling Betting - Popular Bets

If you’re new to cycling betting, then you should first review the first the different types of bets. The betting markets for cycling work differently, and it takes a careful understanding of the markets before one can fully enjoy and be successful. Before you start your betting adventure, we recommend that you check out these popular sports betting types you can play.

Race winner

cycling betting online

The most popular bet in sports betting is to put your money on the winner of the match or game. This is true as well in cycling betting through a bet called ‘race winner’. If your chosen rider wins the race, then you win the wager.

Top 3 finish

If you’re unsure that your favorite rider will top the race but you’re confident in his skills, then you can play this bet. As long as the rider places in the top 3, you win the bet.

Top 10 finish

This is similar to a Top 3 finish bet, but it expands things further. Instead of simply placing in the first 10, you’re betting that your pick will end up in the top 10. It doesn’t matter if the rider ends up 5th or 10th. As long as he’s in the top 10, you’re collecting a payout.

Stage betting

cycling betting sport

Here, you’ll put your money on the winner of individual stages.

Futures betting

In this type of cycling betting, your focus is on the final results of the competition, and not just a stage. This is a popular option in betting cycling world championships and offer great payouts. Since you’re going to consider several races that can last for weeks and months, it’s a risky type of bet. Often, this bet works for experienced punters who can research and read the markets and riders correctly. But if you can crunch the numbers and statistics, this type of bet can provide you with lucrative payouts.

King of the Mountain

In cycling betting, you will also notice lines for King of the Mountains. This is often offered in Giro d’ Italia and Tour de France, particularly on its mountain stages. In mountain giro betting, you need to consider the specific skills of riders. Remember, some riders are great on flat roads and there are those who can confidently navigate the sloping terrain.

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In sports betting, it’s important that you are prepared and have access to the right set of betting tools and information. This is a requirement too in cycling betting and it starts by comparing all sportsbooks that allow you to bet on cycling. Don’t just sign up with the first bookmaker that you encounter online. To boost your betting experience, always compare the sites in terms of the quality of cycling odds, availability of lucrative offers like free bets, and covered races.

Speaking of races, it’s also important that you know the top races and competitions in racing. In cycling betting, there are three important races that are represented in betting lines- the Tour de France, Giro de’ Italia, and Tour Down Under. There are other national races too like Vuelta a Espana. Tour de France is the most popular and riders participate in the grueling 21-day race. In TDF betting, you’ll find a wide range of betting opportunities including the King of the Mountain bets. Before you bet, you should be familiar with the cycling betting odds as well. The Tour or Vuelta betting odds describe the likelihood of an event happening and can also tell you about your potential payout in case you’re correct.

FAQs about Cycling Betting

🤔 What are the popular bets I can play in most cycling betting sites?

In cycling, you can put your money on the race winner, Top 3, Top 10, or futures.

What is futures betting?

One popular betting option in cycling is futures. In this type of bet, you’re not concerned about the results of a single race or stage. Your focus is on the overall winner of the tournament.

🚴‍♂️ How can I start betting on cycling races?

You need to register first an account with a sportsbook before you can place your bets. Use our list to find the right sportsbook for your cycling betting needs.