Nascar Betting Made Easy for Beginners

NASCAR or the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing is the leading auto racing series in the world. It’s home to the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup, the Xfinity Series, and the Gander Outdoors Truck Series. Races are run on different tracks, with many participating cars exceeding 200 miles per hour. Thanks to fast races, different tracks, and colorful cars, Nascar betting is now offered to punters. Before you play, learn more about our Nascar gambling tips and recommendations.

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Nascar Betting - Races and Cup Series

In most races including the Cup Series, points are awarded to drivers based on where they finish and the number of laps that they lead in a specific race. The schedule is divided into two parts, with the first part listing 26 races. After the completion of the first batch of races, the Top 16 drivers will advance to the Nascar playoffs or the ‘Chase’. This is composed of 10 races that will help identify the Cup Series champion. In most races, the cards can reach up to 200 miles per hour or more.

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As part of the racing’s appeal, several car manufacturers participate in the races. However, all participating cars in Nascar are regulated to ensure parity. In short, the results of races and Nascar sports betting propositions are primarily based on the skills of the driver. In short, you may want to research first the driver and his skills before you get into Nascar betting.

Types of Bets to Play in Nascar Betting

In Nascar betting, you are not just limited to putting your money on the winner of the race. When you sign up for Nascar betting online, you can count on a wide variety of betting markets that can appeal to your bankroll and betting style. Here’s a look at the most popular types of bets you can explore when you sign up for an account with a bookie that accept bets from the Philippines.

To win outright

This is similar to the money line bet in other sports where you put your money on the driver who wins the race. If you think that a certain driver is an odds-on favorite to win the race, then you place your wager on the driver to win outright. Since the payout odds are often good on paper, you can bet on multiple Nascar drivers to win.

Pole Position

This is a fun bet to play since you’re putting money on the driver who will have the fastest qualifying time. Make sure you know the track and the driver if you want to play this wager.

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Fastest Lap Time

When you want to bet on Nascar race, you can also consider the fastest lap time. The challenge here is picking the driver that can have the single fastest lap from the race. Keep in mind that this bet is independent of the outcome of the race. There’s a chance that at one point, a driver gets the fastest lap time but eventually, he fails to win the race. In an exciting race like the Nascar, anything can happen.

Podium Finish

If you have a feeling that a certain player will end up as one of the winners after several races, then you can place your bet on a podium finish. In this type of bet, you will pick a driver who you think will end up as the second-best or third-best driver.

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Aside from these standard bets, Nascar betting lines in most sportsbooks will also include props betting. Also known as proposition betting, these types of bets will focus on certain events that are not directly linked to the winner of the race. For example, will Toyota win a race? Will your favorite driver lead with the most number of laps? Will Ford end up with no driver on the final race?

Before You Bet, Check Out These Nascar Betting Tips

Just like in other sports, Nascar betting requires an understanding of different rules, information, and tips. Aside from learning about the different types of bets, you should also check out the importance of Nascar betting odds. They are often displayed in decimal and fractional formats and will tell you the probability of an event happening. Also, it serves as the basis for the computation of your payout in case your prediction is correct. So, it’s always best to compare the betting odds offered by sportsbooks.

Furthermore, you also need to take advantage of the free bets provided by bookies. With bonuses like free bets, you can put your money on races risk-free. Finally, always place your bets in fully licensed sportsbooks. You can check out our recommended Philippines sportsbooks before you sign up and bet on Nascar.


🏎️ How can I start betting on Nascar?

To follow and place your bets on Nascar, you need to register first an account with a sportsbook. Once this account has been completed, you can now place your bets.

🤔 What are the types of bets I can play in Nascar betting?

The list of bet types include to win outright, pole position, fastest lap time, and a podium finish.

What is Nascar betting odds and how can it help me?

The betting odds are often expressed as a decimal, will tell you the likelihood that the event is happening. Also, it’s the basis for the computation of your potential payout.